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We are a small artisan company in Ravenna, producer of bio-vegan foods.

Organic = Nature&Goodness

We are a small artisan company in Ravenna , producer of vegan and organic food. We make organic reasons our philosophy of life and for years we have been committed to creating high quality products, making sure to use only vegetable and organic raw materials .

Ours is a one-way production chain, which can be summarized in the motto " from the land to the table ", and which considers respect for nature to be fundamental. In fact, during the transformation phase of the raw materials, we do not add chemical additives, dyes and synthetic aromas, so as not to alter the true flavor of the ingredients. This is why Natura&Bontà branded products are so good: because they have a taste in which it is possible to recognize one by one the ingredients with which we have given them life.

Aware that people's sensitivity towards animals is growing day by day, we are committed to ensuring that the customer can find his and our values ​​in the products we create. In fact, our attention is directed to those who, like us, have made their ideals a lifestyle choice and this is why we do our utmost to constantly enrich our range of products, also through feedback from our customers.

The goal is to be able to offer high quality products, 100% bio-vegan , which meet the needs of any individual, while maintaining the taste and goodness of the products of Italian peasant cuisine.

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We work to create healthy, vegan and quality products that respect animals and the environment while maintaining all the taste and flavor of typical Italian country cooking. We do this by making use of our family's experience and marrying the organic philosophy in all the choices that accompany us.

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