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hemp-fu ravenna


Savory, high-fiber and sophisticated. Discover all our Hemp-fu products!

The hemp-made Tofu

Hemp-fu is made from seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp-fu is an innovative food product that combines the nutritional properties of hemp with the versatility of traditional tofu. Hemp-fu is suitable to be used in all those recipes that involve the use of some kind of vegetable proteins, as it is a valid alternative to meat. It contains all essential amino acids and its overall content of these micronutrients is higher than in cereals and legumes. Hemp-fu provides a proper nutrient supply of the essential amino acid Lysine and of fibers. This product is a creation of Natura & Bontà.

Nutritional information (average values per 100g of product)

Calories: 170Kcal / 716KJ

Protein: 16,3g

Carbohydrates: 12,9g from which sugars 0,9g

Fat: 5,9g from which saturated fat 0,4g

Sodium: 0,1g

Dietary fiber: 10,7g


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