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Organic vegan products.

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From the earth to the table natura e bontà favicon 100% natural vegan products Curious to know more? natura e bontà favicon If you would like to know us better please do not hesitate to contact us


We use only 100% natural ingredients, coming from our land, without adding chemical additives or dyes.


Our products are made artisanally from raw ingredients, which results into great quality organic foods.


By bringing all the goodness of the Earth to your table, we are driven by the passion that has motivated our family company for years.

Our commitment

We work to create healthy, vegan and quality products that respect animals and the environment while maintaining all the taste and flavor of typical Italian peasant cuisine. We do this by making the most of our family’s experience and embracing the organic philosophy in all the choices we make.

Our products

  • Hemp-fu
  • $100
    • Tasty
    • Sophisticated
    • Nutritious
    • Rich in fiber

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